How It Works

Magnetic Eyeliner

  • Waterproof lasting all day long
  • Shake well before use to distribute the iron particles evenly
  • Create a lash line as thick as the lash magnets for optimal hold, then apply the lashes when the eyeliner is fairly dry
  • To Remove: Use oil-based make up remover

Magnetic Lashes:

  • Apply magnetic lashes when the magnetic eyeliner is fairly dry. Gently press down to make a connection with the iron particle
  • Feel free to remove and reapply as desired since the lashes will stick to your eyes through magnetic force. No more messy glue and no more pulling out your natural lashes. 
  • To Remove: gently peel off from the corner.
  • After Use Care: if eyeliner residual remains on your lashes, clean off with make up remover and store in a cool, dry area.